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Fitstyler has changed my life since I joined a year ago and can’t imagine not having it as a part of my weekly routine. Exercise is so much more enjoyable when there is a good trainer and people to push you, I don’t think I will ever go back to a gym again. I am the healthiest I have ever been, have much more energy thoughout the day and most importantly toned up and slimmed down!

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Michael Bellofiore

After finishing high school I went to TAFE and studied in Sport Development. During the first year of my course I received my Certificate in Fitness which allowed me to become a Personal Trainer, this is where it all started for me.

I started by training family and friends while working for a couple gyms and PT studios. After TAFE I was thinking of continuing to study and go to University, however I realised had developed such a passion for educating and helping clients with their health and fitness, I decided to continue with Personal Training and combine it with another passion of mine, travelling, and see how it ends up.

I am now one of the directors at Fitstyler, I have over 5 years experience in the industry and I have plenty of great stories about my clients succeeding in reaching their fitness goals and building better lives.

The hardest thing I have ever done was a 100km bike ride on my BMX bike from Melbourne CBD to Frankston and back to the CBD. It took me 5 hours and 15 minutes, with only one stop for a quick drink, then powering on! Needless to say, I was completely stuffed by the end!

The best Part of being a PT is seeing all your clients make friends, live happy and get the results they set out to achieve.

Don’t stop ever…


Dominic Killworth

Health, Fitness and Nutrition have always played as an integral part of my life. Previously playing professional football for the Greater Western Sydney Giants we were taught continuously about how to get the best out of our body’s.

After my career I shifted to Personal Training to apply all of my experiences to the industry. Now my focus is on helping other people to get the best out of their bodies and help them live a healthy and active lifestyle.

I started off by training a few family member’s and friends whilst playing state level football. It then progressed to team mates who were looking to improve their athletic performance. I have a background in Nutrition and as the saying goes “abs are made in the kitchen” so it has been a great pleasure to be able to combine my passions of both nutrition and fitness to my clients to get them the best possible results.

Now I’m very grateful to be working with Fitsyler and being able to run these Bootcamps with you all, It will be tough but I believe everyone has the ability to work harder with the right style of training and encouragement. If your looking for a tough session that will give you a sense of satisfaction feeling afterwards then come down to one of my sessions.
Just think about making it a lifestyle instead of a duty, you are doing it for YOU!

Never give up!

Dave Kovacevic

Volkan Yilmaz

I am passionate about fitness and community wellbeing, where sport & fitness play a vital role in my day to day life. I consider myself to be a performance-driven health & wellness professional with an extensive history in health promotion & management of individual physical fitness. Throughout my experiences I’ve had the privilege in gaining extensive experience in areas such as special fitness initiatives, personal performance programs & customised training techniques. With a successful background in Exercise Science, Human Movement & Health Promotion.

I have completed my Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science and Human Movement & have used this as a motivator to be involved in a high level of fitness and health activities.

I have been involved in athletic competitions since 2000 with state representation in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. I have also played basketball at the championship level for the Bulleen Boomers, Melbourne Tigers and Darebin Liberty Giants. I also had the privilege of representing the under 18’s Victorian State Metro basketball team in 2005.


Nicole Vaughan

My passion for health & fitness and all round approach to wellbeing is part of my everyday life and I am proud to be able to share that with Fitstyler clients.

I enjoy reading different sources and experimenting with healthy variations on traditional recipes. I try to encourage more people outside, moving and reaching their goals and I want to help other people get that happy ‘feelgood’ kick from exercise. I decided to study Fitness to further develop my knowledge base and allow me to share my passion in this field.

I understand the demands of juggling work, family, social life and then fitting daily exercise in our busy lives – it’s no easy feat. It’s easy to go home and let the days pass on by. Having attended as a client countless different groups training sessions I have experienced a lot of diverse approaches. In my sessions I aim to hit the mark between challenging and fun! I love that my clients say things like “don’t be fooled by the sweet smile, she will work you hard!!

On weekends I enjoy running and hiking with friends. I love trail running and I am also a local volunteer run director for parkrun. I believe you should continually push yourself outside your comfort zone in order to grow – in 2017, I am running a 100km ultra trail marathon in the Blue Mountains my biggest challenge to date!

As a trainer at Fitstyler Bootcamps in every session I aim to combine variety, social interaction, balanced movement and motivating challenges to maximise enjoyment and effort for clients.

“It starts with the mind, yes you CAN!”

Keeping fit and healthy shouldn't be a chore. In fact, exercise should be a regular part of life just like brushing our teeth. Fitstyler helps you create healthy habits. We make it easy to look good and feel great, just by showing you simple changes you can make to what you eat and how often you exercise.

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