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HIIT Training

High Intensity Interval Training

If you want a quick way burn fat quickly then you need push your heart rate up. One of the best ways to get your heart rate high is with interval training. An Interval training program pushes you to do a high intensity workout while making sure you are able to maintain your exercise form. […]

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Winter Exercise Tips

Staying active and maintaining your usual fitness routine can be difficult when Melbourne’s famous wet winters arrive in full force. The temperatures drop, the days get shorter and the motivation to go outside and get your heart pumping can take a dive. The thing is that studies have shown that getting in at least 30 […]

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pagan diet spread

The Latest Diet Trend – Pagan

As most people who are involved in the health and weight loss movement are aware, there are thousands of diets that pop up and drift away each year. The latest is Pagan. But this one might just make sense for some people and stand the test of time. Now we are not giving anyone health, […]

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Lifelong fitness stretch

The Lifelong Benefits of Exercise

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association states that people who are physically active and fit are at lower risk of dying from many various causes, but along with that, quality of life is just as important. You also spend up to a third of your life sleeping. Did you […]

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Keeping fit and healthy shouldn't be a chore. In fact, exercise should be a regular part of life just like brushing our teeth. Fitstyler helps you create healthy habits. We make it easy to look good and feel great, just by showing you simple changes you can make to what you eat and how often you exercise.

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