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Fast Food Healthy Menu Choices not selling

Is the option of healthy choices in fast food restaurants purely a marketing ploy? Since the introduction of healthy choices at fast food restaurants such as McDonalds there has been a multitude of marketing of their inclusion on the menu, but the truth is that customers are still choosing the unhealthy options. The Cancer Council […]

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Sport Stars and food endorsements

We have all seen current and past sports stars and athletes promoting everything solar heating to superannuation but when they are using their status to promote an unhealthy food product to children and their parents is it using their ‘power’ and influence for the wrong reasons. A recent study by the Cancer Council of Victoria, […]

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Berries the Wonder Fruit

Quite simply berries are a wonder fruit. They are so small and yet so full of essential vitamins and minerals. And really don’t require that much preparation at all. The main varieties found in Australia are: • Blackberry – early summer to mid-autumn • Blueberry – September to March • Blackcurrant – Briefly in December […]

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What are 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit?

We’ve all heard that we should be consuming 5 serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit every day. What does that actually look like? What is a serve? And does a serve differ from vegie to vegie and from fruit to fruit? Let us break it down for you. According to the Australian government […]

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