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The Latest Diet Trend – Pagan

As most people who are involved in the health and weight loss movement are aware, there are thousands of diets that pop up and drift away each year. The latest is Pagan. But this one might just make sense for some people and stand the test of time.
Now we are not giving anyone health, diet or nutrition advice here. Such a wide forum like this is not the right place to do that, but it is interesting none the less.

What is The Pagan Diet?

The Pagan diet is a mix of what the individual thinks are the best bits of two other very famous, but very different diets, Paleo and Vegan. Both of these principles have strong merits and are aimed at not only being healthy, for different reasons, but being good for the environment.
Did you know that the single biggest step you can take to reduce your carbon footprint is to live a vegan lifestyle? Forget taking the tram or train instead of driving, forget turning off the light switch when you aren’t in your room, living a vegan lifestyle pales everything else in comparison. Okay, maybe you should turn of the lights you aren’t using and stop using your car so much too, but by not eating meat you reduce the use of pesticides, herbicides, land clearing and deforestation, carbon monoxide gas creation, water pollution, and oh yeah, there is also the whole eating animals thing too.
Likewise, Paleo is good for the environment, when it is done right. For example, the meat eaten on a true Paleo diet should be wild caught, or at least organic and free range. This has a much lower effect on the environment, similar to those mention for vegans. A Paleo diet basically mean no grains, dairy or processed foods.

The Main Benefits

The main benefit of following a sensible version of either of these diets is to choose wholefoods. Neither of them recommend processed foods in their guidelines if you are aiming for optimum health and both also recommend steering clear of dairy.
By blending the two, and choosing high quality meat, organic non GMO grains or legumes and having not too much of any particular food group, you might just be finding the perfect balance between yin and yang.
Many people find it difficult to be vegan or even vegetarian for that matter. So this offers another choice that may suit people looking for a healthy option, with a lot of choice. Both will include a lot of fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits and any other vegetable you like too.
The Paleo diet also recommends a lot of physical exercise too of course. So why not get active, choose a diet that will assist with your health goals and go for it !!!

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