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Is poor urban planning making us less healthy?

We have all heard the old adage ‘You are what you eat’ but, have you considered ‘You are where you live’? In the rush to develop and build housing, poor urban design is influencing obesity rates in the outer suburbs. Poor infrastructure, limited public transport, parks and green spaces and medical services are all impacting […]

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Kids Telly Tubbies Study

Most parents are guilty of popping their little one down in front of the television for a few minutes of harmless distraction to give Mum or Dad a few minutes to get something done or even to just grab a breath and regain a little sanity but at what point does television viewing by small […]

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Yurt – Rare Sighting in Melbourne

There was an unusual shaped tent in the park recently. A 5m English Yurt was setup in Edinburgh Gardens for the final session day for the School for Social Entrepreneurs. The group bring together people who are working on projects for social benefit. It housed presentations and various activities by 20 participants . The Yurt […]

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child and fast food.

Are parents the judge: food tolerance?

A recent article in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health wrote that while some children did indeed experience a reaction to some food additives, food intolerances is ‘often confused with a range of adverse symptoms which may be coincidental to the ingestion of food’. It went further and stated that there was no evidence […]

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