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3 Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Strength training requires the muscles to put forth extra force against some form of resistance like free weights or even gravity. Doing strength training at least two or three every week for 20 minutes can provide you with amazing results in regards to increased energy, stamina and cardio performance. Not to mention just a feeling of improved wellbeing.

Most people think that when women do weight training, bulging muscles wouldn’t look good on them or it will cause a serious injury. Women’s bodies are actually difficult to produce big muscles on, due to the presence of estrogen hormones. Through strength training, a woman’s muscles can be greatly toned, strengthened and endurance is improved however, this does not necessarily have to include big muscle sizes.

Another reason that women don’t do strength training is the focus they often on doing more cardiovascular exercises like aerobics, group fitness classes and Zumba which are more convenient to do at a fitness studio or at home. These exercises will help to keep women’s hearts healthy, but muscle tone and strength are often disregarded.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, only 20% of women who participate in regular exercise, do any regular weight training. Not too many people know of the health benefits strength training can give. To name a few it can increase lean muscle mass, decrease body fat and can give healthier bones. It also helps burn calories of course too.

Our goal is to let women know that with strength training, whatever works for men will work for women too. Here’s a challenge to all the women out there, go and start lifting those weights! Look good and feel good with toned muscles, improve your metabolism, burn more calories and have fun while doing strength training together with other women.

How can I benefit from strength training?

1. Weight lifting can protect your bones.
High impact weight bearing exercises can help you build strong bones. Women are especially at risk of developing osteoporosis and weight lifting can help slow down this process and protect the bones. If you’re already suffering from symptoms of bone problems, be sure to check with a healthcare professional before commencing a weight lifting program.

2. Weight lifting can improve your metabolism and helps keep you weight at a normal level.
If you want to burn those extra fats, strength training will help you do that and even more! Dr. Cedric X. Bryant, Chief Science officer for American Council on Exercise (ACE) noted that muscles often burned around 4-6 calories more at rest per hour than the same amount of fat. It may not sound too big, but converting fats to muscles, progressively and consistently helps maintain a healthy weight range over the long term, without even exercising.

3. Weight lifting can improve your athletic performance.
Incorporate strength training into your daily routine and you will see see improved changes in your life. Strength training is a great way to prepare for any sport activity you do on a daily or weekly basis.

Strength Training Techniques

1. Ensure proper body alignment to prevent your body from injury. If you’re still new to strength training, do it slowly at your own pace. When standing, feet must be shoulder width apart and slightly bend the knees.

2. Maintain proper breathing techniques. Inhale when starting and exhale during the resistance of each weight.

3. Don’t overdo training. Strength training is recommended two or three times a week only. If you want to do it more than the required number of times, check again with your healthcare provider, or use lower weight levels which tone muscles more, instead of building muscle mass.

It’s best to approach professional instructors who can help you out with your strength training. Call us and we will be happy to assist you.

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