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3 Healthy Easter Treats

When certain holidays and ‘special’ days come around, it’s hard not to divulge in whatever traditional cuisine is often endured during that time. For instance, Easter. While this particular celebration typically consists of hard-boiled eggs, many of us take advantage of making sweet Easter treats for our family and friends. Unfortunately, not all of these sweets are great for our bodies. The following three Easter treats are healthy options, so your family can have fun making them, but your body can enjoy consuming them. Not to mention a healthier treat is almost always preferred by most moms; and kids!

1. Easter Egg Cookies

This is a treat that anyone can successfully make. Using simple cookies, your children can decorate the tops like they do eggs but with edible goodies. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut the dough in the shape of Easter eggs. Once they’re done, make your own icing or use purchased icing to decorate the tops. Consider using food coloring or colored icing to make them more ‘Easter’ like (bright pastel colors) and make swirls or dots of different colors on the tops. You control the amount of sugar used to make these cookies so obviously, the less sugar you use the more you can splurge; otherwise eating them in moderation is recommended.

2. Easter Nests

While the name of this fun treat might sound a bit odd, it’s a yummy treat your kids are sure to love. All you need is a bag of sweetened flake coconut, a jar of marshmallow fluff, ½ cup of chocolate chips, 3 cups rice krispies, almonds, and cupcake liners. Melt the marshmallow in a pan then stir in the rice krispies and chocolate chips. Put the coconut flakes in a bowl and add a few drops of food coloring; colors of your choice. Next press the cereal mixture into the liners and fill it with the coconut and a few of the colored almonds.  Now enjoy the tasty treat!

3. Yogurt Dipped Strawberries

This delicious colorful treat is easy and very delicious. Dip some strawberries in your favorite yogurt and add pastel colored sprinkles. These are an easy treat to have ready for your kids when they get home, if you can keep from eating them all beforehand! Consider other fruit if you or your children aren’t fond of strawberries. Yogurt typically tastes great with any kind of fruit and what kid doesn’t love sprinkles?

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