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Adapting to the weather

I’m sure most Personal Trainers would agree that the most common excuse’s people use to skip training are in regards to the weather.

Everybody finds it harder to do things when it’s not ideal weather outside. When it’s really hot or really cold and our bodies reach temperatures that we’re not used to, spending all day in front of the air conditioning or heater may seem like an obvious way to keep your body at cool or warm, but it actually prohibits the body from adjusting to the outside temperature. The best way to tackle this is to find ways to adapt to the weather.

Tips for adapting to cold weather:

Train outside – During cold weather it becomes more of a mental game to get you outside to train. There is no switch that will just motivate you, you need to just say to yourself “I’m going to do this” and then get out and do it, rain hail or shine, treat it as something you have to do like work.

Wear less clothing – when you start moving your body will warm up so by starting your training session with fewer layers on will adjust your body to the temperature outside and you will not have to interrupt your workout by having to remove any extra clothing.

Spend time outside – just because its winter doesn’t mean there is nothing to do outside, stay active and find things to do outside, teach your mind and body that’s its not to cold and it’s ok to be outside.

Stay clear of the heater – The best way to keep warm is movement, this is not to say don’t ever use the heater, what I mean is for times when you’re about to turn on the heater think to yourself “if I’m doing things which include movement i.e. dishes, cleaning, studying, do I really need the heart on”. The heater should always be the last resort.

Ease into it – the seasons and weather will change quicker than your body will adapt, the last thing you want is to do is freeze all the way through winter. Slowly try and think about ways that will help you adapt.


Tips for adapting to hot weather:

Train outdoors – You need to get your body used to the sun and the heat; by training outside your body will work out ways to keep cool while training. I recommend putting sunscreen on and wearing a hat and drink plenty of water, and only water.

Stay away from the air-conditioner – There is no need for the air-conditioner; find other ways to cool down. The air-conditioner should be a last resort.
By training you body to adapt to the weather your metabolism will increase, your energy levels will increase and you will feel more motivated throughout the year. It all becomes a mental game, the first 2 or 3 weeks are the hardest but once you get into a routine you will be fine.


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