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Beginners Body Weight Exercise

We’ve all been there. The motivation to get up and get moving fades away. It creeps up around winter time when getting out of the house is the last thing you want to do and you can excuse a few extra kilo’s because the four layers of jumpers you’ve got on hides it pretty well.

There’s nothing wrong with taking some time off but the problem starts when the weather gets nicer and you want to start exercising again. After a long enough break you’re a little bit slower, weaker and you’re puffing for air after a walk down to Woolies!

When you’re a tad out of shape the best way to get back to the best you that you can be is slow a steady. Instead of signing up for a gym and throwing yourself into the deep end of weightlifting sets, bench presses and arm curls consider using what you’ve got on yourself. Use your body!


To help you get the wheels rolling and back in the swing of things here are some quick, easy exercises that you can do at home or outdoors. The best part about them is all you need to bring is yourself!



Body weight squats are easy to do and a great way to build up your lower body strength so your legs have more endurance down the road.

To start place your legs shoulder width apart and hands at your sides. Bend your legs to a 90 degree angle, it can help to swing your arms forward horizontally to help maintain your balance. One movement down and back up counts as one squat.
















Classic sit-ups can be a bit hard to do if your not in the best shape of your life or if you don’t have a partner around to hold your legs down. Crunches are an easier place to start for many people.

Lay down on your back and raise your legs at a 90 degree angle bending at the knees. With your hands next to your head raise your upper body up towards your knees and back down.















Another great exercise to build strength in your legs. Lunches also have the added benefits of working wonders on your bum!

Standing with your hands on your hips step forward with either leg and then bend at the knees until your front thigh and back shin are both parallel to the ground. Then lift the back leg up and repeat the process.

Lunges can be done either standing in one place and the legs alternating or can be done as if walking.














The classic exercise and gym class enemy to some. Pushups mainly help with your pectoral muscles in the chest but are also great at exercising your triceps at the back of your arms if done right.

I think we all know how to do a pushup so I’ll just say that when doing them make sure you are in the most comfortable position for yourself that allows proper pushups to be done, that means bending at the elbows a full 90 degrees. If you can do that with your legs straight and on your toes the great! If not start with pushups from your knees and work your way up.











Those are just a few body weight exercise that are a great foundation to a healthier life. The best thing about them is that you don’t need a gym membership or workout partner to get started. All you need is a good attitude and the knowledge that we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Once you are more comfortable with regular exercise consider joining a gym or trying bootcamps around Melbourne. You are sure to learn loads of new exercises that can be done with your own bodyweight as well as others that use kettlebells, bands and the help of workout partners.

On top of all that bootcamps can help keep you motivated by having other people there to push you on and celebrate your progress with you!

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