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Losing weight can be a big task for most of us. Though there are many workouts outside there, kettlebell exercises are a sure way to tone your muscles. Body weight is not evenly distributed and using kettlebell forces your muscles to work harder. Consistent kettlebell workouts will carve your core, tone your butts and arms, sculpt your shoulders and back and also build power and endurance.

Kettlebell exercises is a sure way to burn calories and put on lean muscle. Research has found out that for starters, average kettlebell exercise will burn 20 calories in a minute. When coupled with muscle sculpting impact, the total fat torched can increase by 50%

Best candidates for kettlebell workout.

Kettlebell workouts are ideal for anybody, but very important for a person who want to lose weight and build on lean muscle. Undoubtedly, it can be difficult for many of us to lose weight and at the same time put on lean muscle. But kettlebell workouts have been proven to be effective in burning weight and at the same time helping trainers to put on lean muscle.


Around-the-Body Pass.

This is usually the first exercise, you are supposed to hold kettlebell with your hands in-front of torso. Your feet should be hip-width apart.

In this position, you are supposed to release kettlebell into your left arm and subsequently move both hands behind your back. You should then grab kettlebell with your right hand and subsequently move hands behind your back, (you will have completed one full circle around your body). You should do more than ten, then change direction and repeat workouts without resting.

During the entire move, you should avoid moving your hips.

Dead Lift.

Stand with your feet-hip wide open with kettlebell lying on floor between your feet. Grab the handle with your two hands while keeping your flat. Brace your abs and slowly push kettlebell down into your heels, your arms should remain extended. This is one complete cycle. You should do more than 12 cycles.

Half Get-Up.

Lie face-up on the floor, your legs should remain straight while holding kettlebell in your left hand straight-above your shoulder. Bend right knee and place your foot on floor, and simultaneously prop up on your right hand. You should try to keep weight directly in line with your shoulder.

After several cycles, you should reverse movements to ensure you balance hand and feet. On each side, ensure you take atleast 5 cycle.

These three kettlebell workouts will help you lose weight and put on lean muscle within a short time.

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