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Choosing The Right Workout Clothes

Nike, Adidas, LuLu Lemon. Brands are not everything when we talk about workout clothes. As long as you’re comfortable with what you wear when you do your workout, that’s all that matters.

Wear the right clothes by choosing fabrics that allow you to move freely without getting distracted and conscious of how you look like. Although there are plenty of workout outfits that are stylish and fashionable, be sure to choose the right apparel that can help improve your performance, either by keeping you dry and warm or light and airy, when exercising.

There are exercises that will require you to wear specific workout clothes such as biking, swimming, gymnastics and karate. Before performing an exercise, always know what type of clothing are you going to wear and what workout outfit will let you move and perform well.


Wearing the Right Workout Clothes Can Boost Your Confidence

What you wear during a workout makes a world of difference on your productivity. Studies show that wearing appropriate exercise clothing have positive impact on your performance.

If you like what you are wearing at the gym, the greater the chances you will want to exercise. Try to experiment and see the difference when you’re wearing comfortable vs. fitted clothes. Confidence equals performance.

We have a few tips here that we live by and will help you choose the right workout clothes


1. Workout / Activity Appropriate

Consider the type of activity or workout you will be doing and make sure that your outfit is appropriate to it. Yoga and running tights may look the same but they are made of different fabrics and fit.

These things may seem minor and unnoticeable but the need to be particular is important. When buying your outfit, do a research before purchasing or ask help from people working in a sports outlet.


2. Comfort over Style

Try not to wear restrictive clothing or tight sleeves. These types of clothing can also restrict your movement, making your exercise less enjoyable. Always go for comfort over style and choose clothing that is loose or fitted perfectly for your body type or clothing that is easily vented to avoid overheating.


3. Reflective Strips

If you are working out early in the morning or late afternoon, consider clothing that are highly visible or clothes that have bright colors and reflective strips. This will help other road users see you even in the dark or in poorly lit areas and prevent roadside accidents.


4. Materials

There are many different types of materials used in workout clothes; cotton is the most common type of material used because of its durability, affordability and comfort. However, cotton is not the best when it comes to wicking.

Check the fabric of your workout clothes and make sure it can keep you cool and dry during hot season and warm during winter. Wicking materials are able to pull sweat off your skin making it faster for your body to cool down and sweat to escape quickly.


5. Supportive / Protective Workout Gear

Support and protection go hand in hand and must be given the biggest consideration in choosing a workout gear. What you wear could actually protect you from injury and further damage. A lycra type material helps compress the muscles and can enhance performance and speed up recovery in case of an injury.

Supportive workout gear can be beneficial while exercising to give you support during an activity. To protect your body, choose workout clothing that covers your entire body. These types of workout gear are made specifically for outdoors such hiking and biking to keep you safe and warm during winter season.

Whatever you prefer to wear during a workout does not really matter but your comfort and performance does.


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