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Crossfit or Bootcamps?

It’s hard to get back in shape nowadays, you need to set aside time to get active but who in the world has extra time with so many things going on in our lives and the busy schedule we live?

Too much work for group fitness training

Whatever your excuse is, think, reflect and act! If you feel like you need to go back to the gym or jump on a group fitness training program, today is always the day to start!

Once the moment of your exercise enthusiasm passes you by, you’ll realise it is gone and it feels like ages when you last had your body sweat like a crazy machine.

This can happen to anyone and before we share to you the difference between CrossFit training exercises and a Melbourne bootcamp; let’s learn a little about how we can push ourselves back into a group fitness training program.



Take time to list down your goals before you begin an exercise routine. What do you want to reach? Achieve? Is it to lose weight for you to feel and look good? Or do you want to exercise to stay fit, healthy and strong?

There may be a lot of things for you to consider before working on achieving your goals. Whatever it is, work hard in doing it and always believe that you can! Goals will keep you focused and keen to observe what you’ve written down.

Place your written goals in an area where you can see it at all times so there will be no room for excuses.



Have a plan on how you can achieve that goal. When and how will you start? Where are you going to do your workout? Inside a gym or taking advantage of the beautiful out door training Melbourne has to offer?

What schedule will perfectly fit your busy life for your workouts? Do you have a specific type of workout in mind that you would you like to do? Swimming, running or a combination of different types of exercises?

Are you going to exercise alone or find a Melbourne group fitness training group to keep you motivated? The list goes on… A plan will help keep you right on track but just go ahead and do it!

When it comes to choosing the right group fitness training program people often ask what the differences are between bootcamps and CrossFit. See the difference between these two and decide for yourself which will benefit you most.



CrossFit was founded by Greg Glassman, he defined it as “a deliberate attempt to optimise physical competence in each of 10 recognised fitness domains”.

These domains are namely: cardiovascular endurance, respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

What a CrossFit Gym looks like

CrossFit is a way to train your body to improve overall body conditioning. One must remember that CrossFit is not your typical type of exercise. It is sometimes very functional and involves high intensity workouts.

CrossFit gyms are unique from one another but follow a basic culture that has a lot of common terminologies.



Peoples whose jobs are highly physical do CrossFit programs like fire fighters, police officers and athletes.

An average person can do this as well but it may require most of your strength and energy and so this type of workout must be well thought of and involves careful planning.

CrossFit is also a sport now and it has attracted some of the most trained and well conditioned athletes in the world. CrossFit is high intensity in nature and involves high impact drills which are dangerous without practicing proper technique.

Do take time to train and develop the proper way of performing CrossFit exercises or you run the risk of injuring yourself.



 Bootcamps emphasize on building a strong core, functional strength and losing any extra weight gained over the course of time.

The term bootcamp originated from military trainings that those in the military have to undergo as initiation to achieve the proper level of fitness for their military branch.

Both fitness bootcamps and corporate bootcamps are group fitness training programs taken by a number of people at once. The trainers offer hands-on guidance and help provide positive motivation to everyone who joins in a bootcamp.

Melbourne Bootcamp


Bootcamps are becoming more and more popular today than they were in 2005 when they first started gaining popularity.

The advantage of a corporate bootcamp is that you get to take some time out of your work day and refresh your mind and body along with the rest of your coworkers.




This exercise can be less intense in nature and can cater to novices. Whether you are still new to this or already an expert, there are different levels that will allow you to enjoy the workouts offered in a bootcamp.


The wide range of exercises offered in bootcamps is a fantastic way to improve and support your physical body. Go ahead and call us now, we are the most trusted Melbourne bootcamp and run group training sessions in all surrounding suburbs.

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