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Determination – the Fitstyler way!

To be self motivated you need to be determined to achieve a goal, not just an easy or generic goal, a real goal. A goal that will challenge you physically and mentally, a goal that will wake you in the morning, a goal that if you achieve, will be one of the greatest things you have ever done, a goal that will change your life.

I always thought of myself as a determined person, when I have something in my mind I will push myself to achieve it. This year I had a bad accident while on a camping trip, I was on a rope swing and the rope from the swing wrapped around my wrist and when I let go it tightened and broke my wrist really badly. I had to get surgery to pretty much put my wrist back together; the surgeons said to me that it was one of the worst wrist injuries they had seen.

After surgery the surgeon came and spoke to me about what they had to do to repair my wrist, after all the information she gave me the first question I asked was when I can start playing soccer again. Her answer wasn’t what I wanted to here but in my mind I already knew that if I stayed positive, do what I have to do and be careful I would be right to start training again in a few weeks.

I had to spend 2 weeks in hospital and another 2 weeks in home hospital on heavy antibiotics. It was about 6 weeks when I started training again, and obviously I couldn’t do any weights so I just ran. I was in a cast and had spent 6 weeks on medication and pain killers so I wasn’t in the best shape but my goal had been set which was to play soccer again for my club before the session ends.

My wrist is still not completely better but I did get the all clear from the doctors to play and on my first full 90 min match I scored a hatrick in the reserves and got a spot back in the senior team.

I was so happy with my efforts I thought I should blog about it to hopefully inspire others that when the chips are down and it doesn’t look good, to believe in yourself, because what you think you can’t do is possible and determination is the key to achieving your goals.

Don’t stop EVER!!

Michael Bellofiore

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