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The modern day busy binge – how do you fit exercise in?

Sorry I can’t, I am busy, I am too busy, I don’t have time, I am so busy! “I work full-time, my hours are long varied and I like to be social and travel– how do I fit exercise in everyday?” We all know we should maintain active regular exercise and the benefits of fitting […]

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Beginners Body Weight Exercise

We’ve all been there. The motivation to get up and get moving fades away. It creeps up around winter time when getting out of the house is the last thing you want to do and you can excuse a few extra kilo’s because the four layers of jumpers you’ve got on hides it pretty well. […]

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Choosing The Right Workout Clothes

Nike, Adidas, LuLu Lemon. Brands are not everything when we talk about workout clothes. As long as you’re comfortable with what you wear when you do your workout, that’s all that matters. Wear the right clothes by choosing fabrics that allow you to move freely without getting distracted and conscious of how you look like. […]

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HIIT Training

High Intensity Interval Training

If you want a quick way burn fat quickly then you need push your heart rate up. One of the best ways to get your heart rate high is with interval training. An Interval training program pushes you to do a high intensity workout while making sure you are able to maintain your exercise form. […]

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Keeping fit and healthy shouldn't be a chore. In fact, exercise should be a regular part of life just like brushing our teeth. Fitstyler helps you create healthy habits. We make it easy to look good and feel great, just by showing you simple changes you can make to what you eat and how often you exercise.

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