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Q.     I haven’t exercised much, do I need to be fit to join a Bootcamp?

No, Fitstyler will help you get fit.
Fitstyler is about working within your own limits and achieving your personal goals. Our goal is to make sure that all the Fitmates get a great work out appropriate to their level of fitness.
Perhaps you currently play sport or maybe you’re determined to make a positive change to your life. Either way, our Fitlife programs provide a complete body workout covering all the major muscle groups
You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire to establish health condition, goals and other relevant factors to ensure you will achieve the greatest results in a safe environment.

Q.     Can I start Bootcamp at anytime?

Absolutely, Fitstyler’s Bootcamp is unique, you can start at anytime as we don’t have a start and finish date like conventional Bootcamps.
You can choose to attend either 2 or 3 sessions per week for an initial 12 week commitment, each session being 1 hour in duration. Ninety five percent of our clients continue on after the 12 weeks.

Q.     How many Calories can I expect to burn during a session?And what sort of results can I expect to see?

The calorie burn will depend on a number of factors, however you can expect to burn anywhere from 400 to 800 calories.
You will see significant improvements in your cardiovascular fitness, energy and endurance levels while feeling stronger and more toned.

Q.     What do the Bootcamps consist of?

What we do is interval-based training, keeping the heart elevated for short periods of time which is great for maximum energy burn and increasing fitness levels. We break you off into different groups ― walkers, joggers, runners and sprinters so you can work along with others at your fitness level.No 2 sessions are the same and you never know what to expect!
We cover a variety of activities & equipment such as: Boxing, Medicine balls, hand weighted balls and resistance bands drills, agility based drills, cone work, mini hurdles, evasion based drills and body weight exercises.
The main thing is to give you an all over body work out while having loads of FUN!

Q.     Does Fitstyler use Army inspired Bootcamp training techniques?

Absolutely not. We don’t yell, scream, insult you or use aggressive tactics to get you moving. If you’re not ready, or secretly just happy to plod along, no amount of yelling will help. Fitstyler relies on providing a supportive environment that ultimately helps you adopt healthy habits.

Q.     Will you still like me if I miss a Bootcamp session?

Fitstyler understands that unexpectant stuff comes up from time to time.
Fitstyler requires notification of the missed session by email or phone or text message.
Great news is that you can make up any missed sessions within the next week or should you be lucky enough to be heading away on a holiday you can suspend sessions for this period so you will not be charged.

Q.     Do I need to bring anything to a Bootcamp class?

We provide everything except attitude – and a little of that makes a big difference.
Just bring water a towel, comfortable clothing and runners/trainers. Not sure about your runners/trainers, check out the article on what to look for.
Fitstyler provides gym mats, weights, medicine balls and other bits and pieces that make each class unique and fun.
All clients attending our boxing sessions need to purchase Boxing Inner Gloves to be worn during the boxing sessions that provide additional safety & maintain the hygienic use of equipment.

Q.     Can I leave my stuff somewhere as I’m coming/going to/from work?

All valuables such as car keys, mobiles etc can be placed in the trainers backpack or alternatively we have ample room in our Fitstyler mobiles.

Q.     Will I get rained on during Bootcamp?

Fitstyler runs a rain, hail or shine policy, however, we do have wet weather facilities in the event of rain.
It is the participants responsibility to wear the appropriate clothing in the event of rain, ie a cap and waterproof jacket.?On the odd occasions when a session is cancelled due to hazardous weather conditions, poor lighting conditions or unforeseen circumstances, Fitstyler will send you a text message in advance.

Q.     Do you have indoor Bootcamps over Winter?

As winter can get colder, wet and dark, we have indoor facilities for when the weather looks very uninviting and miserable.
We prefer to train in the fresh air and outdoors of our beautiful parks and so do our clients whenever it possible over winter. See what out Fitmates say about training when it’s 5º, wet, dark and how awesome it really is.

Q.     Can I swap between Bootcamp locations?

Just nominate your preferred time at each location, it’s that easy.

Q.     Will I be sore after my first Bootcamp session?

After completing your first session, it is quite common to experience the effects of DOMS or the Delayed Onset of Muscle soreness within the first 2 days after completing the session.
Before you know it you will be asking to be pushed even harder with your increased fitness levels.

Q.     If I slacken off during the Bootcamp, will you provide the right level of support?

During every session we provide you with constant support and motivation.
Prior to attending your first session, all participants fill out a health and safety form that includes a question on how hard you like to be pushed
from 1 – 5.

Q.     I have some Health problems, can I still train?

Before getting started with Fitstyler, every potential Fitmate fills out a detailed questionnaire that may require you to get medical clearance from your GP before commencing the first session.
Fitstyler works with your medical specialist to make sure you get the most out of every session in a safe environment.

Q.     Will Fitstyler run my very own Bootcamp?

If you can gather three people together, we’ll come to your home or local park for a Fitmoves session. Find out more about Personal training Fitmoves classes

Q.     Will I be checking my watch or yawning during a Bootcamp session?

Fitstyler is all about the F word. If you’re not having FUN, then boredom sets in no matter how hard you are working.
Fitstyler limits workouts to 60 minutes so there’s enough time to warm up, start sweating and finish off with a relaxing stretching session. Most importantly, no two classes are the same. Fitstyler always keeps you guessing about what’s next.

Q.     Who are Fitmates?

Fitmates are people who have joined Fitstyler who are looking for a fun way to keep in shape in a supportive and social environment.

Q.     Ok, can I get free stuff?

Fitstyler offers a free session of your choice.
Register for a free trial session.

Q.     What makes Fitstyler different?

Fitstyler takes a total approach to your whole health and wellbeing, looking at all areas of fitness and nutrition.
We repeatedly find that once you make some life changes and take the first steps to feeling more energised, you’ll feel better about yourself and all of this hard stuff will seem not so difficult after all.
Our Fitmates experience all sorts of changes – whether it’s the end of the afternoon snooze at work, having more energy to play with the kids, improved posture, or simply reducing the over hang around your middle.
The Fitstyler philosophy is based on sending out healthy messages and forming healthy habits. It doesn’t matter whether you become a super fit athlete – it’s all about trying to make some small changes in the community.
Don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials.

Q.     What Other Services Does Fitstyler Offer?

Post Natal classes, Corporate classes, Healthy Nutrition & Advice, including Healthy Articles, Recipes, News & upcoming Event information. Check out

Q.     How do I get started?

That’s easy. You just need to confirm the date you would like to begin along with the session location/times/frequency, complete our Membership & Direct Debit forms and once we have received these you will be booked in and ready to go! Email or phone 1300 780 780.

Q.     How much does it cost?

Give us a call and we can give you a comprehensive run down on our prices.

Keeping fit and healthy shouldn't be a chore. In fact, exercise should be a regular part of life just like brushing our teeth. Fitstyler helps you create healthy habits. We make it easy to look good and feel great, just by showing you simple changes you can make to what you eat and how often you exercise.

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