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Fitball Exercises: Adding Up Spice to Your Workout

A huge, colourful sturdy ball often seen in sports houses online and establishments are now popular. This huge ball allows users to bend, stretch and do several exercises that keep the body healthy. The fitball exercises do not only focus on the fitness training but more importantly, improve physical therapy and wellness.


Given the popularity of fitball, one would simply ask the benefits of using fitball and performing exercises with it. What makes it unique? Why use fitball instead of fitness equipment available in gyms?

There are more than a hundred benefits in using fitball. It improves the function of many parts of the body and even posture. Sitting on office chairs whole day brings about some problems in posture. However, with the help of fitball activities, the spinal curve is improved. Back pains and improper posture are addressed by using fitball. Other than posture, balance reactions are also enhanced through fitball activities. Studies show that consistent exercise with fitball reveals several manifestations of improvements in the respiratory organs and in the cardiovascular system.

Apart from the benefits in the body, exercises with fitball also improve the mood, making workout easier for everyone. It serves as a fun and unique way to exercise rather than using the conventional treadmills and weights in gyms. It is also helpful for pregnant women.

Tips in Using Fitball

There are several activities which can be done with the help of fitball. The following are recommended exercises that are very helpful in improving the body.

1. Wall squat with Fitball. Yes, squatting with a fitball is possible. Just start with feet wide apart (the proper posture squatting). Second, balance the body by raising the arms in front. Now, slowly lower the body and roll the ball down on the wall until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Just do it several times.

2. Chest Press with Fitball. For a more fun fitball exercising, you can also make use of a dumbbell while lying on a fitball. It does not only improve your muscles but more importantly, it improves your posture, balance and strength.

3. Curls Ups and Push Ups with Fitball. You can add spice to your exercise trainings by including these common activities with fitness ball.

The number one thing to consider when exercising with fitball is safety. Take time to check books and magazines with the proper routines. Moreover, there are also several materials in the web to help you get through your fitball exercises such as how to’s and other unique ball exercises.

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