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Fun Activities That Keep Kids in Shape

Your child doesn’t need to participate in a sport to stay active and in shape, although it can help significantly. With today’s technology more and more kids are starting to be less active and more involved in video games and other gadgets. Unfortunately, this leads our kids to a more sedentary lifestyle, unlike what many of us remember as a kid ourselves. If we wanted to do something fun, we might go outside and play. What we played wasn’t important; it was that we were ‘moving.’

Your Own Backyard

If you have a yard it would be a shame to waste it. Kids love having room to run and play so take the time to schedule some outside fun with them. Play baseball, kickball, catch, or create an obstacle course the whole family can enjoy.

Just Dance

Dancing can be fun and you don’t have to be a professional dancer to enjoy getting your groove on. Turn that TV off and turn the music up and dance away! Kids tend to enjoy being active when they have someone to be active with so why not take part and get some exercise yourself?

Video Games Don’t Count

While some of the sports video games may get your kid moving, it likely isn’t going to be enough to count towards their daily physical activity. Not to mention, if they already enjoy video games more than they should, simply having them partake in a ‘sports’ game, like Wii Sports, isn’t getting their imagination going. If there is a particular sport they enjoy doing on a video game, go outside and let them do it in reality. They’ll see it’s a lot more fun and you’ll see it’s a lot more beneficial.


Trampolines are a common yard accessory for families with children. In addition, they’re a great way to get some exercise. It requires effort and energy to jump and play around on a trampoline but the kids are having so much fun, they don’t realize just how much of a health benefit trampolines really are.

Caring about your children’s health is important but so is taking care of your own health. Help your kids stay in shape by participating in these fun activities with them. Who said exercise has to be boring and routine? Mix it up; plan one day of the week to go to the park so everyone’s getting exercise while making family memories that you’ll cherish forever.

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