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Many people are unaware that they could achieve their goals much faster if they left their comfort zone more often.

Whenever we make changes in our daily lives to help us get closer to our goals, be it for enhancing our overall fitness level, or for weight loss, confronting our fears (stepping out of our comfort zone) helps our overall well being.

Unfortunately, when we consider stepping out of our comfort zone, we are overcome by the fear. This human defense mechanism allows us to avoid uncomfortable places, things, situations, etc.

You might relate if you consider those who have claimed that they would rather cut off their right hand than speak in public, under any circumstances; metaphorically speaking of course.

This only adds to the challenge of achieving our goals because we first must achieve overcoming our fears. It’s easy to place a barrier where you feel it necessary to avoid anything that will, and always has, caused you discomfort. These barriers could include excuses like, ‘I’m too busy, I’ll start next week, It’s too hard,” and many more; one of which you’re likely saying to yourself right now.

We take this option of ‘excusing’ the reason for doing something, but it’s only short term. Over time you only develop more obstacles to overcome that make it that much harder to reach.

Maybe you’re interested in a career change but unsure how it will make you feel going in to a new environment and place, being around new people and the unknown territory. This fear alone could convince you to stay put in your current career.

Many people view exercise as a ‘preference’ when in reality it’s highly beneficial and well worth the one-hour-a-day or three days a week at the gym. We can typically justify using the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse but when you look at the overall picture, which is that the lack of physical activity for long periods of time could have negative effects on your health. This is easily unavoidable.

Maybe you’re thinking of all the unhealthy things you’ve done for your body and that it seems to be just fine and you believe you’ll live to be 100; nobody is invincible and eventually the effects will show. Don’t take that gamble with your health or the unwanted risks.

You’ve likely heard it’s recommended that a person exercise 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes for people looking to lose weight. If you avoid this recommendation you increase your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, possible osteoporosis and many other unwanted ailments.

The best way to achieve your goals is with small steps. Slowly work on each mental barrier that keeps preventing you from achieving that goal from the very start. Break that barrier and repeat when you come to the next barrier standing in your way.

It’s all about being positive and turning your negative thinking and actions into positive ones. You will break your typical thought pattern which in turn, puts you that much closer to achieving your goals.

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