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Increased brain activity after exercise

How Exercise Increases Concentration

People’s attention spans are shortening.

The internet, movies, television shows, gadgets and mobile phones have made concentrating on one thing at a time difficult; technology helps to bring people closer together yet further apart. Even children are effected by an early exposure to technology.

Distracted Woman

Another reason of a mental decline is the busy lifestyles we are expected to lead nowadays. You can hardly get someone to sit with you for a coffee and chat about life.

Everyone seems to be in a hurry. Even when we are alone, it’s easy to become preoccupied with the phone in your hand.


A study on attention spans conducted in 2008 by Lloyd TSB insurance revealed that a person’s attention span has fallen to 5 minutes, down from 12 minutes 10 years ago.

Is age a factor? Adults over 50 years old are still able to focus well for longer periods of time than young people.


How can you increase concentration and improve mental alertness?

Start ditching your gadgets and get physically active! A simple yet powerful way to improve concentration is through exercise.

Physical exercise can improve your concentration greatly and research suggests that physical activities help release chemical compounds used in brain activity, therefore improving the ability to focus and concentrate.

30 minutes of exercise everyday can help make you more alert and boost memory too! The list of benefits when exercising are long. Here are a just a few examples of the benefits


1. Mood Enhancer

Exercise is nature’s mood enhancer and is beneficial for people when done on a regular basis.

Stress is inevitable, but a regular exercise routine helps the stress response of the body. Once you start exercising, whether it’s moderate jogging or a fitness bootcamp, your heart rate increases and your body releases hormones and endorphins (happy hormones) to make you feel better and serotonin to prevent depression symptoms.

For people suffering depression, one sure way to slowly ease it is through exercise.


2. Brain Power

In 2013, a study found out that exercise is beneficial for affect and cognition in adults.

The participants were tested with an exercise to remember certain stimuli such as number, letters, shapes and colour to match from previous turns. The study was conducted on two groups; the first group did 15 minutes of moderate-intensity stationary cycling while the other group did nothing.

It was found out that the first group who exercised and performed the activity did better and had a faster response times on memory tasks than the group who did not perform an exercise.

Brain Acitivty After Exercise

Even a short exercise program every day can boost your brain power.


3. Strengthens Your Focus

Exercise helps you think well, reasonably and clearly. Children can benefit with exercise to lengthen their attention span. Parents need to set a good example by exercising first so that kids will follow their lead.

Concentration and focus is a bit of a challenge these days. Combat it with an exercise routine every day. Another way to strengthen your focus is through yoga and meditation.

Take a moment to relax you mind and body, keep calm and do deep breathing to release tension. Focus and think of a soothing image or maybe a happy thought will help too!

Indirectly, this gives your body a chance to sleep well at night with less worries and reduced stress.


4. Memory Booster

Aside from exercise being an energy giver, it can also help grow new brain cells.

It helps to improve your memory! Running can increase the activity of neurons involved in learning. Neurobiology of learning and memory research discovered that high-impact sprints helps people learn new words 20 percent faster.

This can be attributed to the neurotrophic factor, a protein that assists in the growth and retention of the brain nerve cells.

Dopamine and epinephrine also increase during exercise. Exercise is the most effective way to improve memory and attention and protects the brain against memory disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.


5. Enhance Productivity

Being productive at work helps you get things done quickly and efficiently. If you don’t exercise, you are putting your health at risk and your work may be affected as a result. Stay on top of the game and keep your mind and body in shape with an exercise routine or by joining one of our Melbourne corporate bootcamps.

Strength Training Session

Exercise is one way to increase blood flow to the brain giving you more energy and enthusiasm to work. When you have more energy, it means you can focus more intently on any given task and helps you meet your daily goals.




There you have it!


Our very own list of the benefits exercise can bring to improve your concentration.

Begin a personal training routine or bootcamp class with Fitstyler and enjoy the benefits it can bring to your overall health and wellbeing.



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