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Important Tips to Plan Your Exercise

Physical exercise just doesn’t happen randomly. You have to actively plan and decide on an exercise routine which you can follow from day to day and get more from your exercise. This way, you can easily maintain a physical activity program and gain from it. Here are some tips to getting ready to exercise.

1. Make exercise a top priority

Physical activity has a lot of positive benefits. It makes you feel good, gets rid of excess weight and increases your energy levels. Making exercise a top priority means that you are committed to a healthier life.

2. Set both short term and long term goals

You should set goals to achieve with your exercise plan which are specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and time bound.

3. Don’t weight yourself daily since your weight keeps on fluctuating

Weigh yourself once every week instead of daily. Also keep in mind that the benefits of exercise are more than just weight loss.

4. Draw up an activity action plan and use it

It is important to keep track of your activities. This could be a weekly schedule with specific activities that will be done each day and for how long. Include a monthly goal and build in some rewards to keep you motivated.

5. Make some allowance for missed sessions and setbacks

Missed sessions are inevitable so it is important that you plan for them and make modifications to your plan with no major disruptions.

6. Make the time to exercise

Even when you do not have a lot of time to exercise each day, you can opt for high intensity work outs. This involves the repetition of exercises at high intensities with short rest periods. This way, you can make use of 30 minutes periods to exercise each day.

7. Choose an exercise

Consider an activity that you will actually enjoy and do it in the best place for you. This way, you get to enjoy the exercise more and stay motivated.

8. Turn everyday activities into active time

You can start to make everyday tasks more active such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking farther away or even taking public transport.

9. Reject excuses

Do not let excuses come in the way of a healthier and happier you. Most barriers that hinder exercise can be overcome.

10. Think about the costs versus the benefits

There are a lot of reasons why you should be active. You can improve your health, reduce stress and burn up kilojoules. Thinking about the benefits keeps you motivated and helps you overcome excuses.

11. Review your plans and goals, and track your progress

Tracking your progress ensures that you are on the right track as well as giving you an opportunity to improve your exercise plan. As you reach each goal, you are more confident to tackle the next one.

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