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Is Detoxing Safe?

You’ve likely seen a lot of articles and information on ‘detoxing’ and how it can be cleansing for the body, flushing out toxins and aiding to weight loss. Unfortunately, just because there is a lot of talk about it, doesn’t make it true. Many of us will do limited research on something if we find the answer we hoped to see early in our search; any claim that it has worked. Before undergoing any kind of diet or cleanse, it’s crucial that you do your homework.

Most people will likely see some kind of results from a strict detox plan because they’re consuming far fewer calories than they’re used to getting. This is what can bring on the feelings of fatigue, dizziness or light headedness, and even nausea. Exercising isn’t typically required during a detox which is probably a good thing seeing as how it might be hard to have the ‘energy’ for it due to the lack of nutrients needed for fuel.

The Liquid Detox

There are different detox diets and one is the liquid detox cleanse. These involve fasting (no foods) and only drinking liquids. This might be water or some type of lemon/water mixture or mixture of another type.  However, these cleanses aren’t recommended by professionals as they prevent your body from getting the energy and nutrients it needs. Not to mention many people have experienced a harder challenge with juice-fasts as opposed to a clean eating detox.

Clean Eating Detox

This is a more preferred method of detoxing as it doesn’t provide the less appealing side effects such as dizziness, muscle aches, fatigue, and more that liquid detox methods can cause.  This is a form of cleansing the body by eating only clean foods; i.e. non-processed foods. You could expect to be eating fruits, whole grains, lean protein, and vegetables.

No matter what kind of detox you have or are considering, it is very important that you do your homework, if not meet with your doctor first. Your age, gender, fitness level and any diet restrictions you might have will play a role in safe, effective detoxing. The long-term benefits of a successful detox endeavor include increased well-being, getting in tune with your body, looking better but best of all, feeling better. Consider an improved, healthier diet after your detox plan ends to continue seeing the results you want and enjoy healthier living overall.

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