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Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are characterised by lots of great food and parties in the company of friends and family.  You may have succeeded in following daily eating habits which are healthier and you may be 100% serious about keeping it up during the holidays. The essence of staying healthy during the holiday season is effectively combating the appetite rather than to gorge oneself on the often tempting display of food on offer.  There could be peer pressure, especially from those who have prepared the food and are offering it to you. They only mean well, but they don’t understand the work and sacrifices you have made to get in shape.

Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy during the holiday season…

  • Fill half the plate with vegetables.
  • Use a small plate while eating and take a walk after the meal.
  • Blend in. Be like a chameleon so that you avoid confrontation. You don’t want to break your habit but you also don’t want people to notice that you aren’t eating as much as everybody else. If your relatives and friends go for second, third, or fourth helpings, you can do the same. You only need to take small amounts of food every single time you approach the dining table. In this way, you cannot be singled out for being the only person not to approach the table a second time.
  • Spread the food on your plate wide and not high. This gives the impression that you have more food than there actually is. Take only certain types of food at a time so that you can come back for other types of food (all small portions, of course). If you are the type of person who does not like mixing food then this is the perfect technique for you.
  • Eat slower so that you are in the same pace as everybody. You don’t eat as much but finish at roughly the same time. Also, eating slower helps satisfy your appetite sooner and you feel full at just the right time.
  • If someone asks why you are eating less then do not draw attention to yourself. Be polite when answering and keep it short, they don’t need a narrative of your efforts to keep healthy. It is totally normal to be different and people will leave you alone if you don’t encourage a lot of questions.
  • Never complain about the food and say something like “I wish I could eat this or that, but I am on a diet.” That’s not only drawing attention to you, but may also hurt someone’s feeling. Family members who do not fully understand may be alarmed or concerned about your well-being.

The holiday season is a time to enjoy being with your family. You can choose to eat healthy for yourself but you should not impose your beliefs on others. You can also choose to indulge for one day, but make sure you get back on that healthy track the day after.

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