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Lower Back Exercises Tips And Benefits

Most people engage in workout procedures focused on attaining a flat stomach or toned abs while neglecting the back section, particularly lower back. This results in unbalanced relief and postures since the stress at the lower lumbar is retained and this may cause sharp pains. There however exist many lower back exercises that can be used to release tension and enhance structural posture.

Types of structural posture
The back exercises are aimed at relieving pain, stiffness or soreness. It is very easy to hurt the back area and caution should be taken while performing each of the following procedures.

Supported squat – In this exercise, place a moderate weigh bar on a stand that is shoulder height next to a straight wall. Align yourself such that you are standing upright with the back straight and the bar on the shoulders. Hold the bar with both hands, lift it from the stands, step forward and spread your legs to shoulder length. Slightly bend your torso forward until it is parallel with the floor while keeping the abdominal muscles tight. Return to the upright position and do this a couple of times (10 sets). Those with knee injuries may need to support themselves using the wall.

Deadlift – This is a form of weightlifting that involves appropriate amounts of weight in the dumbbell. Start by holding the dumbbell front of your hip and then lower it slowly to the chin which involving the abs. Ensure the legs do not lock or bend too much while doing this and try to achieve several repetitions.

Yoga exercises – The yoga practices are very effective lower back exercises that relieve maximum stress. There are many of them including bottom to heel stretch, pelvic tilts, knee rolls and back extensions. Start by kneeling all on fours with the thigh over your knees and shoulder over the wrist. Do not lock the elbows or arch the lower back. Inhale and establish a natural curve while slowly taking your bottom backwards. Hold the stretch and take another deep breath before returning to the original position. Do this about ten times and avoid sitting on the back heels stretching only as far as it feels comfortable. Knee rolls involve lying flat on the back with shoulders stretched and knees bent together. Roll the knees to one side and then the pelvis while keeping the shoulders down. Roll back to the other side and do this at least ten times only moving as far as it feels comfortable.

Back exercises are delicate and wrong procedures may result in worsened conditions or pain. Ensure you remain comfortable when doing any of the above exercises and use a soft workout towel for those which involve lying down.

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