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When it comes to weight loss your main focus should be on exercise and diet.  Busy people who find it hard to focus on preparing meals, sticking to a strict diet and exercise program might find that overeating is a big issue which they have.

Meals we eat don’t have to be big, in fact the bigger your meal is the more harmful it is on your body function. Each meal you should focus on finding a better balance of hunger and being full. Eating till you are no longer hungry is the barrier, once you have past this barrier then you are eating from no longer hungry to full. Passing the barrier of no longer hungry to full will make you feel uncomfortable, lazy, tied, unmotivated and guilty. This is all just from one meal think back at all the times you have passed that barrier when you have eaten till you are full and then had desert.

To lose weight its awesome to stick to a perfect diet and exercise plan but for starters and people who are finding it hard to get into a routine all you need to do is just get the basic’s right.

I have listed below some tips to avoid over eating:

1-      Don’t buy or keep food in the house that you don’t want to eat. I.e. Chocolate, ice cream, chips, muesli bars or anything that makes you feel guilty for eating it.

2-      When preparing or ordering you meals judge how much food is really enough and how much is passing the barrier and only eat what is enough, do not go over.

3-      Temptation is a big downfall; try fight temptation and JUST SAY NO!

4-      Avoid Entree and desert when eating take away. These days most food places have entree’s which could be a main, order one thing and if it’s too much keep it for tomorrow or give it to the dog.

5-      Keep your mind off your hunger by staying active. It’s normal to say that when you are doing nothing your first instinct is to go to the pantry or go to the fridge and eat whatever is in there, try avoid this by walking, kicking the soccer ball outside, visit a friend or reading ect.

6-      Exercise will make you feel better about yourself and boost your confidence which will help you to SAY NO to over eating.

7-      Chew your food. By chewing your food, you will help break it down quicker so the it takes less time in your stomach to digest, try focus on chewing each bite 20-40 times before swallowing and make sure you have swallowed all your food before taking the next bite.


Eating correctly and a good exercise program like Bootcamp will give you a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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