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Returning To Exercise After An Injury

For many people, their sport or their chosen exercise routine quickly becomes their passion. So when an injury occurs it can be very disappointing. Exercise is often a major social event in people’s lives so when they can’t do that, it can be a big loss.

In our experience as bootcamp coaches or personal trainers, when you are returning from injury, it is important to manage the injury, and your workout schedule well. The last thing you want is to aggravate and injury as you are returning or make an existing injury worse by over training.

Elite sports people who are injured go on a professionally planned and monitored recovery program, to get them back in their team or competing again as soon as possible. For most people, this is not an option of course. But there are ways to improve recovery times and minimise the risk of making injuries worse when you return to sports
Depending on the type of sport, you will see a higher rate of certain injuries. While muscle injuries are common among all athletes, those that use the upper body more, like tennis players, golfers, baseball players etc, tend to suffer from more shoulder injuries, while football, netball and basketball players tend to suffer lower leg injuries to the knee and ankle for example.

Healing any injury takes time, and the most common mistake people make when returning from injury is trying to do it too quickly. Jumping back in at the first sign of healing is not the best approach, especially if you do not alter your technique or make the same mistakes, such as not warming up or stretching properly before and after exercise for example.
Many high level sports people work with an osteopath and / or a physiotherapist when they suffer an injury to make sure their problem is well managed. Experienced management of an injury can reduce recovery time, address any posture or muscular compensations that can occur, provide more comfort through reduction of joint tightness or restriction and monitor your progression through injuries.

Georgina Fisher is a respected osteopath in St Kilda, and she adds “injuries and accidents occur in sport, there’s often no way of avoiding this. As an osteo, we work with sports people to best prepare their body to minimise the chance of an injury occurring. One goal is to keep the mechanics of their body working smoothly and well and allowing for maximal performance, and hence enjoyment from their chosen sport or recreation, no matter what level they compete at.”
An injury does not have to be a reason to never begin exercising or to stop a routine you already have. You may have to change the type exercise you are involved in, modify your technique, or get some help from someone who is experienced in rehabilitating people from injury. There is almost always some type of physical activity you could still do, and we are all about keeping people active.

Georgina and her staff share our passion for being active, so if you have a sports injury and would like to visit a sports osteopath in Melbourne, you can visit her clinic and if you let her know your train with a Fitstyler Bootcamp, you will receive twenty percent off your initial visit.

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