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Staying Active As You Age


There is one thing that none of us can stop and that’s getting older, but even as you age you can still help yourself from feeling older.

Being active keeps us in shape, healthy and strong especially for older people. Our goal should be to  ‘age gracefully’ by staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the benefit of our health and the people we love.

Benefits of staying active in older people include

  • High blood pressure management
  • Maintenance of a healthy body weight
  • Stimulate a poor appetite
  • Aid in digestion and regular bowel movements
  • Ease pain and discomfort for those with arthritis
  • Strengthen muscles and bones
  • Reduce the risk of falls and fractures
  • Improve mobility and balance
  • Slows the loss of muscle mass


Why Keep Training?

We can lose our interest in exercise for a number of reasons. From not having enough time, having your hands full  with your kids, not knowing where to start, a fear that you might get injured or suffering from muscle pains.

Exercise can actually reverse signs of ageing and provide numerous health benefits to the body.

Whether you don’t exercise currently or have an exercise routine that you do now it is never too late to regain what is lost already. With the right training and guidance you still have the opportunity to bring back your strength and feel younger as long as the willingness to do it is there.

Although it may not be like it used to be, the point here is to get back in shape and stay active even as you age.


The Choice To Stay Active

One must also remember that physical decline also begins when you decide for yourself to stop being active. The body is designed to maintain and repair itself when you continue to condition it through regular exercise and good nutrition.

Whilst still young, plan the years ahead of you to prepare your mind and body for the natural changes that may take place as you age. Make ageing something to look forward to as you maintain a strong exercise training routine and live a more functional life so that you can still enjoy the things you love to do as the years go by.

New research suggests that 30 minutes of moderate physical activity can already make a huge impact in your body by improving your overall health. Depending on what type of exercise you enjoy doing we have multiple training options designed to keep you fit and active from 1-100 years old.


Here are some simple activities we suggest you start doing on a daily basis (if possible) to at least get your body moving:

  • Brisk walking
  • Chores at home (like work in the yard and washing your car)
  • Bike riding
  • Dog walking
  • Grocery shopping


You may experience pain and muscle soreness the first few days or weeks when you do your exercise, but with a good personal trainer alongside you you’ll be able to push through limitations and become motivated for a healthier life.



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