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As a Personal Trainer one of the most common things people ask me is “How do I lose weight?”

The generic answer to this question, everybody knows (eat healthy and exercise regularly). But the problem is that although most people know what they have to do, actually doing it is a change that people just simply don’t want to do or are not motivated to make.

The number one rule to help you achieve your fitness goals is to stay focused!!

For example try to remember all the assignments you did in school which needed to be handed in at a certain time. Handing in these assignments by the due date required you to make the time to physically and mentally commit to the application, blocking everything else out and focus on what needed to be done so you could get the best grade possible.

If achieving your fitness goals is important to you then you need to set the time, block everything else out and focus on what needs to be done.

Below are some tips on how to keep focused with your fitness training?

Treat your workout as an appointment you cannot miss – Bootcamp, Personal Training, or Group Training sessions should be set in your diary, or even just set your days so that you block away a time to do some training on your own or with a friend.

When it’s time to train nothing else is more important – Block out all distractions from the start of your workout right to the end, keep your head clear.

Mentally prepare yourself a few hours before training – It’s easy to say I can’t be bothered or I’m too tired to train but that’s the attitude that will not get you results.  You need to tell your mind that you must train at this time and start to pump yourself up.

 Warm Up properly – Once you started training it’s easy to lose focus during your sessions through injuries or discomfort in your body, make sure your body is physically and mentally ready to train by warming up and stretching properly before a session. Also remember a warm down and stretch is equally important to help avoid injuries and soreness.

Do not stop until the end – You need to know what you are in for! Pace yourself so you will last the whole session, give yourself breaks if needed and push yourself to the very end of the workout.

 Breathe and keep your mind clear – Ensure that you are breathing correctly, breathe deeply in through your nose and out through the mouth. Concentrate on this to help keep your mind clear of any distractions; this will help in getting the most out of your workout.

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