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Here we are, we’ve hit February and for you our dedicated Fitstylers at Bootcamp on the journey to a healthy lifestyle, we are challenging you to give up something for a month. Febfast – pause for a cause!

  • Maybe you want to stop smoking
  • Give up alcohol or halt the sweet cravings?
  • Put a stop to social media mindless scrolling
  • Say goodbye to the caffeine addition
  • Fight the afternoon junk food onslaught!

Fitstyler’s trainer Michael is going Vegetarian for a month to shake things up

We hear you – “It’s too hard”, “I won’t survive”, “I want to do it but I can’t possibly”, “I am addicted”, “There is nothing I can give up”, “I will go crazy” – all normal and natural reactions but not a reason to quit before the get-go.

YES you can – it is 100% possible! This is a mindset challenge to take back your own control. We won’t lie it’s not going to be easy, it will be tough. Fitstyler are here to help you and keep you accountable. 

How is it possible to stick to new habits? Let us share our top tips to help you build resilience and conquer your goals for Febfast:

1. Understand your habits, behaviours and cravings
No one knows you better than yourself; you will recognise the negative talk or the compromises you make before anyone else hears them. Recognise when you usually divulge in your habits and instead of partaking in them simply log it in your phone or a notebook. It’s interesting to write down and compare see how much of something we actually consume, when and how often we actually would regularly drink coffee, eat sweet food, look at social media etc in our daily lives and how powerful habits are. Mindfulness is key to being aware and taking back control. Our advice, don’t listen to those inner voices driving your current habits, don’t give yourself the option to quit –DON’T STOP EVER

2. Know your why and remind yourself constantly
Pinpoint the benefits of your challenge. When confronted with an opportunity to break your fast such as eating the birthday cake at the office – STOP and THINK about the effect this will have on you.  Remember why you are doing this, if you give in now despite having been good all week, or because it’s someone’s birthday then all of your hard work has been set back.  You have allocated this month to ‘get better’,every time you ‘cheat’ you set your healing time back by a few days.

3. Vocalise your Fitstyler Febfast challenge
Have those closest to you in the know. It’s likely they might think your CRAZY and don’t think you could fast your habit for a day let alone 1 month! Use that energy to drive you to SUCCEED to prove them wrong. Don’t worry about not being able to do it (you can do it and you will) so keeping it a secret or personal challenge from everyone will just make life even harder when trying to change it up and make the right choices. With the support of those around you daily you are more likely to succeed in your quest. Tell your friends, family, work colleagues and social network and make them hold you accountable. Who knows you may just inspire them to end up changing their ways as a result.

4. Plan and prepare yourself
Without preparation the challenge is 10 x harder! Take the example of food fasting such as giving up processed sugar for the month you need to have food you can eat ready to go so you aren’t tempted by the pre-packaged sugary treats in the cupboard.  It might feel weird to snack on a whole carrot but you will realise that this is much more satisfying then the crap you may be used to snacking on.  Take a container of mixed nuts to work, a carrot banana, an apple or perhaps maybe some hummus or beetroot dip – after a week or two you will realise that this wasn’t so hard after all, you’ll have more energy and you might be surprised to discover you are snacking less.  We’ve found that by presenting food well it made it more appealing to me, such as bright containers, fun shapes, new flavours – just like a child’s lunchbox!

If you’re taking a digital detox – plan for those mindless times of waiting around for the train scrolling on Facebook and the like – carry a book, call a friend, go for a walk instead of watching TV at night. Old habits die hard – you need to prepare for the challenge with defensive readiness.

5. Allow yourself  alternative beneficial rewards
In our busy stressful modern lives we often (and sometimes unknowingly) use food, alcohol, social media etc as an escape mechanism, a reward for a hard day’s work or a celebration.

Febfast is not designed to take the fun out of your life. Perhaps instead of divulging in that Friday after work drink after a long week – gather your friends/family and do something different – go to the movies, go check out that new show!

Going back to tip#1 every time you would normally go about your habit – put the money aside into a separate compartment in your wallet, handbag, other account and at the end of the month see how much $$ you saved during your challenge! Use that money to reward yourself in a healthy way – book a massage, do that funrun you’ve wanted to do, book a weekend away!

But Facebook doesn’t cost me anything? – yeah we hear you! But it does suck time out of our precious lives and who wouldn’t love more time. Often we use social media as reward to unwind, fill spare time and check in with friends/family. Skip the mindless scrolling, liking, hashtagging and instead challenge yourself to read at least one book per week for Febfast. Use this chance to educate yourself on a new topic or simply chill out with a light fun read but guaranteed your mind will be thankful for the escape from the screen!

6. Slip ups are not the end game
Yes we get it, building new habits is hard and we don’t deny it. When you ‘accidentally’ have that dessert at your Mum’s big birthday bash or the like – don’t ignore the fact it happened or hide your slip ups. Recognise it, allow yourself to understand how it made you feel and get back on the Febfast train right away! One piece of cake on day 10 is not a reason to give up and eat sugar for the remaining 18 days. Don’t hide your progress or slip ups, let your Fitstyler trainer know when it happens we get it. We want to help you stay on track and make the right choices to a better lifestyle and yep we will know if you’re lying! Slip ups are not the end game.(yeah #sorrynotsorry at Fitstyler that might also mean Burpees!)

So what are you waiting for? February is here. Say bye-bye to the bad stuff and hello to good health. Just don’t drink to it;-)

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