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Weight loss myth

Put your hand up if you think weight loss is sometimes a tedious process, and you wish there was a quick way to get to where you want to be.

Have you ever seen the pre-packaged meal plans available in the supermarket, designed to make you lose weight? Or the fully planned meals for a month, which you can get delivered to your door – also designed to make you lose weight? Yes? Then what about the wonderful diet plans where you substitute a couple of meals a day with a shake or a fat-burning tea?

Will they help you lose weight? And will they help you lose it quickly? Of course they will. But it is not because of the food you are eating, or the quality of the nutrition.

The reason you all of a sudden experience weight loss is the size of the meals. Substitute a proper breakfast with a 150-calorie shake full of chemicals, and you are bound to lose weight. Substitute your easy (and cheap) homemade lunch with a tiny $15 portion of packaged sweet and sour chicken with white rice, and you will still walk around hungry.

These diet plans are made to make you experience rapid weight loss, but once you stop eating their low-fat, low-calorie, 500-ingredient muffin, or stop drinking their shakes instead of eating real food, you put weight back on. And then what happens? You trick yourself into thinking that the miracle meal plan worked, and you give it a try again.

Not only is this a very expensive way to live your life, but you are not learning much about how your body responds to weight loss and exercise, or even how to plan your meals, and how to be healthy.

Humans often over-complicate the weight loss concept, but at Fitstyler Bootcamp we believe that the simple way is the best way. And the simple way is to go all the way back to basics. Calories in vs calories out is the most detrimental factor in weight loss. Then comes routine, determination, and of course exercise!

Getting meals full of preservatives, sugar and bad oils delivered to your door step is only going to jeopardize your health, and your wallet. Do the right thing, and make it a learning process. No one says you have to cook gourmet meals every day, weight loss and fitness is a journey, try exploring how your body works, and how it responds, and remember – Fitstyler is there to support you the entire way.

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