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I am passionate about fitness and community wellbeing, where sport & fitness play a vital role in my day to day life. I consider myself to be a performance-driven health & wellness professional with an extensive history in health promotion & management of individual physical fitness. Throughout my experiences I’ve had the privilege in gaining extensive experience in areas such as special fitness initiatives, personal performance programs & customised training techniques. With a successful background in Exercise Science, Human Movement & Health Promotion.

I have completed my Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science and Human Movement & have used this as a motivator to be involved in a high level of fitness and health activities.

I have been involved in athletic competitions since 2000 with state representation in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. I have also played basketball at the championship level for the Bulleen Boomers, Melbourne Tigers and Darebin Liberty Giants. I also had the privilege of representing the under 18’s Victorian State Metro basketball team in 2005.

Keeping fit and healthy shouldn't be a chore. In fact, exercise should be a regular part of life just like brushing our teeth. Fitstyler helps you create healthy habits. We make it easy to look good and feel great, just by showing you simple changes you can make to what you eat and how often you exercise.

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