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Sorry I can’t, I am busy, I am too busy, I don’t have time, I am so busy!

“I work full-time, my hours are long varied and I like to be social and travel– how do I fit exercise in everyday?”

We all know we should maintain active regular exercise and the benefits of fitting in daily exercise but reality shows that is not always to do. We live in a fast-paced world juggling the balls of family life and striving for success whilst maintaining a busy social calendar and frequently ‘ME’ time including working out comes last.

Here we share our tips on how to prioritise, squeeze daily exercise in and enjoy it all at the same time!

  1. Make friends with your calendar

Scheduling and planning is vital to maintaining commitment and helping you ‘find’ the time. Think about exercise just like anything else in your daily life – hairdresser, drinks with friends, coffee with your work colleague, holiday to Bali. Exercise workouts need to be alongside this in the diary and of equal priority.

TIP: Invest fitness into your diary, phone calendar, Outlook, wall calendar – whatever format what works for you.

When you start to look at the hours in each day think critically about what is realistic for you, how long do you really work for each day including overtime? What days can you get up earlier? Where in your week can you use exercise to get from A to B? What days are you travelling this week that you need an alternate plan? Can you catch up with a friend over a workout? Can you take the kids or family out to the park instead of the movies?

  1. Be efficient – find alternatives that work for you

Exercise doesn’t have to require intense preparation and travelling is not a reason to let your fitness program lapse. Pack your workout clothes wherever you’re going. Take ten minutes to research where you’re staying and where the gyms, parks, trails or exercise spots around you will be. Fear of the unknown can halt us from exercising in a different environment.

Simply grab a map and go for a walk, do bodyweight exercises in your hotel room, find out when the hotel gym is open, ask concierge for the best places to go running or walking, walk instead of taxi to that groovy restaurant you want to try. Set the alarm 30minutes earlier and get your workout done before you meet up with friends, family, work colleagues for breakfast.

TIP: Don’t let new surrounds stop you from exercising, embrace it and see the adventure!

  1. Track your fitness progress

Starting out on a fitness journey it is important to recognise where you’re at and then regularly consciously check in – seeing the difference in your own capabilities is motivation in itself. Give thinking space and be grateful for the improvements no matter how small.

For example:

  • How did you feel running at the lap at the park today?
  • How many pushups can you manage in one minute or how many on your toes?
  • How do you feel after exercising?
  • How are you sleeping and how are your energy levels?

TIP: Don’t discredit your current level, by making a commitment to a regular fitness program you will see improvement and you’re doing better than everyone on the couch.

  1. Motivate yourself with commitments to others

It’s much easier to skip a workout when the only person who knows about your great intentions was you. You can cheat yourself by hitting snooze but it sticks with you a bit more when others question your good exercise intentions. We don’t mean you always need a workout buddy (though at Bootcamp you will always have buddies) Just by telling other people like your housemate, friends, family, work colleagues and vocalising your plans keeps you accountable to your commitments. Maybe you want to write it on Facebook (heck even put your calendar with scheduled workouts on your kitchen wall!)

TIP: “The moment I started telling my work colleagues of my 2017 goal to go running once a week at lunchtime, they started to question me the days I didn’t go! Although I am not running with them – they motivate me anyway!” Fitstyler Trainer, Nicole.

  1. Choose some movement over none

The reality is other spheres in our life do take over and getting to that Bootcamp session you had scheduled in and planned – sometimes isn’t going to happen. Just like you might reschedule coffee with your old work colleague you need to reschedule workouts. If you need to reschedule a bootcamp session Fitstyler has you covered with flexibility to make up sessions.

Some movement is better than none thought. We can always find a few free minutes in our day (yes, we can – like now scrolling through social media) Short and speedy is always better than none. Think – 10minute Abs workout in your lounge, 15minute run around the block, walk to your appointment after work or ride to dinner to meet friends tonight.

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