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Summer is just around the corner and so too is the amazing fruit of the season – stone fruit. Cherries, plums, nectarines, peaches, apricots, mangoes, lychees; t’is the season to enjoy! Get in quick since the season lasts nowhere near long enough.

Protective Benefits

Recent research presented by Medical News Today found that stone fruits such as peaches, nectarines and plums demonstrate protective benefits. Some of the potential protective benefits are related to the inclusion of specific phytonutrients or plant nutrients that contain anti-diabetes and anti-obesity properties. Stone fruit provides a full feeling to reduce appetite and have a positive effect on the fat content of your blood as well as helping to regulate bowel movements. The skin of fruits such as peaches and nectarines provides a valuable source of insoluble fibre which prevents constipation so don’t peel; just wash and eat!


Spanish researchers have discovered that nectarines particularly contained up to five times more anti-oxidants than previously believed since many anti-oxidants are only unlocked during the digestion process.

Vitamins and Minerals

Stone fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C (for increased iron absorption), niacin, vitamin A, vitamin K (to help maintain strong bones) and vitamin B3; get your recommended daily intake of vitamins the natural way.

Two small peaches have slightly more potassium (needed for proper nerve and muscle functionality) than a medium banana.

One cup of apricots or plums contains around one quarter of your daily vitamin C requirement which is needed to help the body form collagen the main protein in tissue such as bones, cartilage, blood vessels and muscle.

Ready to Go

To avoid tummy upsets make sure that you choose fruit without green tinges (as appropriate to the fruit) and are ripe and ready to eat. Enjoy whole or add to your summer recipes. Add fresh slices of stone fruit to salads, yoghurt, cereal or dessert. You can even grill most stone fruits on the barbeque to be served as a dessert or accompaniment to fish!

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