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Top 3 Best Core Strength Exercises

Your core plays a very important role in the body where it provides stability and strength to the rest of the body. That is the main reason why you should consider developing the group of muscles which forms the core. The muscles which make up the core include; transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, glutes, lower back and obliques. The best core exercises are those that address all these muscles from different angles therefore allowing one to achieve a toned six pack as well as a powerful midsection. Here are the best core strength exercises.

Standing cable rotation

This is a great workout that targets core muscles such as obliques, lower back and abs with a twisting motion. The exercise is performed by using a cable machine or resistance tubing. While doing the exercise, spread your feet about 30cm apart. Ensure that you are standing alongside the resistant tubing or the cable machine. Hold the cable under the chest close to your body and twist your body away from the cable by moving your head, torso and chest together. Hold on to that position for a while and then go back to the original position. You can extend your arms if you want to increase the exercise intensity.

Rolling side plank

Although this exercise works out the entire core, it is targeted more on obliques and abs. Start by resting on your forearms and ensures that your legs are spread behind you. Make a rotation towards your left forearm and this will put you in a left plank position. Stay at that position for a while before returning to the original position. Stay at the original position for a while and then rotate to be on the right plank position. Hold on to that position for a while and then return to the original position. You may continue this process for about 1 minute.


Crunching is also among the best core strength exercises. When doing these exercises, lay on your back with your feet flat on the ground and ensure that the knees are bent. Ensure that your heels are about 12” from your bottom. Take your hands and put them behind your neck. While at this position ensure that the elbows are straightened out on your sides. Utilize your abs to lift your shoulders and head above the ground and then lift your feet towards the knees. Slowly, lower your feet back to the ground and when you do this; you will have completed one round. You can ensure that you engage in about 3 sets of 10 rounds with one minute of resting between each of the sets.

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