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Waste not, want not!

Prepare to be staggered! According to a Federal Government study, Australia throws away 4.45 million tonnes of food, worth $5 billion, each and every year. That’s 936kgs per household. And it doesn’t stop there; globally half of the world’s food is wasted – 2 billion tonnes of it.

It’s time we all took some responsibility for this issue. Time for a moment to consider how much food your household wastes and why. If we all determine why we waste so much food we can take steps to change (and save ourselves some money in the process).

  1. Buy fresh – forget buying fruit and vegetables the go limp or soggy as soon as you get them home because they have already been in cold store and transportation for so long. Consider local farmer’s markets or a delivery option that’s fresh from the farm to you. These days there are many options.
  2. Buy as you need and seasonal – Not only is seasonal better for you and taste better, but it is usually cheaper and fresher. Buy only what you need and you will eliminate your household’s wastage.
  3. Check expiration dates – Check out the expiration dates on small goods and dairy products and ensue that they will still be viable when you plan to use them.
  4. Use it up – Before you throw anything away, if it is still good enough to eat, consider using it up. There are fantastic recipes especially sorted to this; frittatas, savoury muffins and the all-time favourite of bubble and squeak.
  5. Reconsider bulk buy offers – Bulk offers are great with household items like laundry detergent and toilet paper but you should really think twice before bulk buying perishable food items. Will you really use it all? While it may seem like a great deal, if you end up putting half of it in the rubbish bin is it really more economical? Bulk deals on products like meat can be great; just remember to divide it up into smaller portions and freeze as soon as you get home.
  6. Grow your own – Trust us; if you can the time and effort to grow your own fruits and vegetables there is no way you will let them go to waste when they are ready to eat. They will cut down the amount you will need to buy from retailers.
  7. Remember that it’s the inside that counts – We have come to expect perfect looking fruit and vegetable with no obvious blemishes or marks. But it’s the inside that really counts. Global studies have determined that 30% of vegetables in the UK are left to rot due to their physical appearance and we wouldn’t be surprised if the figure was just as high here in Australia.

Perhaps it’s time to take a leaf out of our parents’ and grandparents’ book – buy what you need, when you need it, grow your own and use it up rather than throw it away. How will you reduce your household’s 936kgs per year food wastage?

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