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Winter Exercise Tips

Staying active and maintaining your usual fitness routine can be difficult when Melbourne’s famous wet winters arrive in full force.

The temperatures drop, the days get shorter and the motivation to go outside and get your heart pumping can take a dive. The thing is that studies have shown that getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise for 3 days out of the week can help get rid of the winter blues. Regular exercise reduces anxiety tension, helps with depression and promotes relaxation.

Since we know that staying active in the cold months has so many benefits we’ve put together some tips on how to keep your body moving for the next couple of months.


Stay dry, keep warm
You may be used to ‘rugging up’ to keep the chills away but dressing the same way for exercise is a recipe for disaster. When it comes to getting in a good workout during winter the key is to stay dry.

Water pulls the heat out of your body leaving you fighting for warmth when you need it most. Just think of how bad wet socks feel! Soft, warm fabrics like wool and cotton are a big no-no when it comes to cold weather fitness.

Invest in quality, water resistant track pants and jackets and you’ll stay nice and toasty the whole way through. And while you’re at it don’t forget to add layers to what you’re wearing for extra protection.


Stretch first
Some light easy stretching is always a great idea to start your workout. But it’s even more important in the cold months to get warmed up before going all out. While your body is stiff from the cold you’ll be at an increased risk of sports injuries like strains and sprains.

Try and warm up indoors with some light stretching and easy cardio like jumping jacks. Otherwise you can start simply by walking for a time before you start and then ramping up to jogging to prepare you for your regular routine.


Find a group
Let’s be honest, when it’s up to you and only you the idea of staying in after a long day, watching Netflix and relaxing while it’s cold outside is the best idea there is.

To help break out of the mental side of winter try joining a group exercise class. When you’re part of a group it makes the decision to get out that much easier. There are plenty of different options to try. Everything from yoga classes, indoor sports like soccer, basketball and netball or even regular fitness bootcamps are all great options to get involved with a group of people who share the same goal as you.


Home fitness
If all else fails and you can’t bear to pull yourself away from the toasty fireplace at home, then create a simple routine you can do right there! Most exercise can be done at home using your own body weight to give you satisfying workout right next to your couch.
Here is a sample routine to get your started!

15x pushups
30 sec plank
15x crunches
30 sec jumping jacks
10x burpees
30 sec wall sits

Go through that three times and you’ve got a good foundation to build on for the next day.


We know it’s easy to put exercise aside at winter time. When you can get away with big coats and puffy jackets making fitness a priority may not be high on the to-do list. But to be ahead of the pack come summer and have your beach body ready to go keeping a routine all year round is important.

Just remember that the first day is the hardest. Once you get going you’ll look back and wonder how you managed to stay inside at all!

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